[Padre-dev] Reorganizing the "list of open files" in the Window menu

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Sat Oct 9 23:55:53 PDT 2010


In the Window menu on the right first we have a bunch of "go to" items
and then the list of open files.
When you have a lot of files open, especially on my 10" screen, this
means I need to scroll down
and even worse, sometime it opens at the bottom of the list and then I
don't see the "go to" items.

I thought we could move the list of window one item deeper, so the
last item in the Window menu
will be "Go to open file..." and then a submenu will open with the list of file.

Then I had another brain-dead idea. What if we had several sub menues,
one for each project
currently open. So if you have files open both in


and in


Then you will have two submenues in the Window menu:

Go To Main Window
padre/Padre ...
Games-Lacuna-Client/ ...

and in the submenu will be the files.

Maybe this should be switching back and force between the current mode
and the more space saving mode
when the number of files grows above a (configurable) treashold.

What do you think?


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