[Padre-dev] Popularity Contest

Sebastian Willing sebastian.willing at web.de
Thu Oct 1 07:20:30 PDT 2009

Hi all,

Szabgab and I had a discussion on the Popularity Contest plugin yesterday.

Here are the results:
 - The Plugin should be auto-enabled always on new installations
 - The enabled Plugin should collect, but not send data without user's
 - Once a report should be send, the user must be asked with options "send
once", "auto-send always", "don't send once" and "send never"
 - "auto-send always" is changed back to "ask user" if we add data which
would be send, the ask-dialog should show a list of what was added
 - Report data should be cached on disk at Padre exit
 - There must be a configuration dialog where the data collection of various
categories could be enabled or disabled individually (like "menu options
clicked", "perl errors received", "config summary", "list of plugins", "list
of CPAN modules used in code", "Perl/Wx/etc. version number")
 - We may collect menu/shortcut/toolbar/quick-access - usage as seperate

A sample of the data collected by Eclipse could be found here:

A sample of the current popularity report output could be found here:

Please add your comments!


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