[Padre-dev] Padre 0.21 - More improvements than I can fit in this margin!

Steffen Mueller smueller at cpan.org
Sun Dec 14 11:54:26 PST 2008

Dear Padre users and developers,

I'm quite proud to announce the release of Padre 0.21.

It features the biggest list of changes of any Padre release so far. The
menu code has received a major overhaul, the editor has become
multi-threaded, and we see more "advanced" Perl-specific features like
reliably finding the location of a variable declaration or the
experimental feature of replacing a lexical variable. The full list of
changes can be found in the Changes file
(http://search.cpan.org/src/SMUELLER/Padre-0.21/Changes) of the

The list of developers has grown to thirteen, but that list is probably
not even complete. The program has been translated to nine languages at
this point.

With this release, we are starting to rotate the release duty so the
weekly or bi-weekly releases don't block on the availability of Gabor at
those rare points in time when no major refactoring or feature
implementation is going on.

You can find more information and the Padre mailing list, irc
information, bug and issue tracking, etc. on the Padre site as usual


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