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#66: Add support for plugins loaded from within PAR files
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 Instead of expecting the user to perform a plugin installation using the
 cpan shell, (s)he can just drop the .pm files in the correct directory in
 the configuration path (i.e. .padre/plugins/Padre/Plugin/Foo.pm).

 That, however, doesn't take care of more complicated use cases where there
 are multiple .pm files, other files or even module dependencies. The
 following scheme should make it very simple to get a plugin to work:

 The plugin author builds a PAR distribution from his plugin
 _and_all_dependencies_: (using PAR::Dist::FromCPAN)

 cpan2par -p Padre::Plugin::Foo --follow --merge

 Renames it to simply the plugin name: (this could be made optional)

 mv Padre-Plugin-Foo-VERSION....par Foo.par

 And provides it as a download. The users can then download those .par
 files and drop them into ~/.padre/plugins et voila, the plugin and all its
 dependencies are now available for Padre!

 The next (simple) step would be to provide a menu entry "install plugin"
 which takes a URL of a plugin which is then fetched and move to the
 correct location.

 The attached patch implements the whole scheme except for the menu entry.

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