[Padre-dev] Getting Padre on Mac OS X

Mark Dootson mark.dootson at znix.com
Fri Jun 17 19:13:11 PDT 2011


Getting Padre working on Mac OS X presents a couple of difficulties so 
I've tested a perlbrew recipe to provide a working environment for 
stable Wx and Padre.

The issue we are trying to overcome here is that Padre is more or less 
dependent on the stable branch of wxWidgets - 2.8. It may run with 
development wxWidgets 2.9, but you are likely to hit some problems. 
Modern Macs are 64 bit and you cannot build wxWidgets 2.8 in 64 bit 
mode. You need a 32 bit Perl and 32 bit wxWidgets - which isn't as 
straightforward as it might be.

First step is to install perlbrew and you can do this with the following 
3 commands:

curl -L http://xrl.us/perlbrewinstall | bash
~/perl5/perlbrew/bin/perlbrew init
echo "source ~/perl5/perlbrew/etc/bashrc" >> .bash_profile

Note the last line which is slightly different to the usual perlbrew 

Close the current terminal and open a new one so that your perlbrew 
environment is active.

Run the attached shell script - brewperl32.sh - the perlbrew params will 
create a 32 bit Perl (tested on 64 bit Snow Leopard).

Once Perl is 'brewed', you can switch to it for the current session with

perlbrew use perl-5.14.1

At this point cpan -i Wx would work, but you will compile against the 
system provided wxWidgets which is 2.8.8. You really want the latest 
stable which is 2.8.12.

Download the tar source for Alien::wxWidgets from cpan

perl Build.PL

when asked if you want to download and build wxWidgets, answer yes. Yes 
is not the default.

answer yes to all other questions.

you can then do

perl Build
perl Build test
perl Build install

Now, you can

cpan -i Padre

Note that Wx::Scintilla also builds on Mac OS X

Hope it helps


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