[Padre-dev] Padre plugins and (Linux) distributions

Damyan Ivanov dmn at debian.org
Thu Jan 20 00:45:42 PST 2011

-=| Gabor Szabo, Sun, Jan 09, 2011 at 09:05:21PM +0200 |=-
> I looked around the plugins a bit and if the Linux distributions are
> including them.
> Specifically I looked at Debian as that was the easiest to find.
> In Debian I found the folowing Padre plugins:
> Autoformat
> Nopaste
> PerlTidy
> SpellCheck
> Vi
> (see http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=padre&searchon=names&suite=testing&section=all
> )
> From that list I think Vi is not realy working but the others are interesting.
> I'd also like to see a few others:

I can comment on Debian packaging.

> Catalyst

In preparation (stalled): http://bugs.debian.org/531265

> JavaScript

Uploaded to Debian, awaiting ftp-master approval.

> Kate
> Perl6

Not worked upon AFAICT.

> PerlCritic

In preparation (stalled): http://bugs.debian.org/531252
Possible problem: too small for a separate package. Contains ~30 lines 
of real code. Small packages are somewhat unwelcome in Debian, see 

> So if any Debian and Ubuntu packager are listening (hint hint :)
> then please try include those packages and/or lat us know what
> issues are stopping you from including them. (Besides lack of time.)

Lack of time is my issue (apart from the "too small" concern).
There are a couple of additional plugins, whose packaging for Debian 
has started, but has stalled. See 
http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/prospective (search for "libpadre-")

> If you could also update the relevant pages in
> http://padre.perlide.org/trac/wiki/Packaging as well
> with further links on how to find the list of packages or
> how to help the packagers, that would be super awesome.

Done for http://padre.perlide.org/trac/wiki/PackagingDebian

(P.S. Please increase the wiki auto-logout timeout. The cookies seem 
OK, but perhaps some other process wipes out authenticated sessions 
too aggressively)
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