[Padre-dev] Padre 0.63 Bugfix Release

Peter Lavender plaven at internode.on.net
Wed Jun 2 05:29:32 PDT 2010

Original Announcement:


Padre 0.63 Bugfix Release

There aren't many releases that don't include bug fixes, however this
release is being pushed out to fix a rather embarrassing bug in the
Outline view that crashes Padre quite badly.

If you can live without the Outline view, then Padre is fine, it's only
when it is turned on that you see the problem.

So this release really only contains two changes:

    - Autocomplete "sub new" for Perl modules (SEWI)
    - fixed ticket #956: crashes if Outline is active (ZENOG)

Zeno Gantner gets the kudos for the bug fix.

Looking Ahead

Given the shortness of this release announcement, it's a good chance to
prepare everyone for the upcoming "Unstable" series of release for

Adam Kennedy has been hard at work rewriting the underlying Task API.

For those who don't know what this is, it's the API that gives parts of
Padre and the plugins that want access to the threading mechanism to
hand off long running processes and return control back to the main IDE.
Such things that that make use of this is the syntax checker or the
Outline View.

With the code rewrite now all but complete, the branch that Adam has
been working on is nearly ready to be merged into trunk.

It's during this time that we will see a number of Plugins that won't
work until they are ported to the new Task API, along with any
undetected parts within Padre.

As we did last time, we'll mark each release as unstable.  This means
package maintainers can sit back a while while the task of getting Padre
back to a stable release comes to pass.

For most people though, trunk will remain quite usable and anyone who
wants to chip in and earn some kudos and fame can help with the task of
migrating any parts of Padre to the new Task API.

Well that's it for this release. A major bug fix and a warning of things
to come.

I expect to do one more stable release to give our translators time to
get the languages done before the merge.

Feel free to swing on over to the #padre channel on irc.perl.org.
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