[Padre-dev] Padre Website 2.0 - Is it time form a specific PR team?

Adam Kennedy adamkennedybackup at gmail.com
Wed May 20 01:24:04 PDT 2009

Hi gang

Over the last month, Padre has really started to stabilise itself.

We're seeing pretty good penetration into the distros, the
translations are spreading across to plugins, the popularity contest
module is doing reporting, and we're starting to see progress on Wx vs
threading, segfaults etc.

We have practically all the features needed to be a "programming
editor" other than recursive search and replace, and besides that and
a little polish (which is trickling into the repo quite nicely) I no
longer see any obstacles left for us to compete on an even footing
with Ultraedit and Notepad++.

While the polish phase may consume the developers for the next month
or so, I think it's time for us to look forwards to the next 6 months.

When the conference seasons starts in a month's time, the application
is going to be ready.

But in my opinion, the community is not ready yet for the next phase.
Padre is specifically targeting beginners, but the community currently
is not.

That was fine while Padre was still hacky and had large sections
incomplete, but we need to take a step up if we are going to start
treating Padre as a serious production-grade editor.

I also suspect that Gabor is well and truly time-full just dealing
with being a figure-head, developer, translator, and doing his day job
of teaching Perl.

So I'm thinking that what we probably need is a specific PR team
(perhaps starting with a team of 1) that can take on the
responsibility of promoting Padre and helping with the startup process
for new Padre users.

The sort of things this would likely involve includes sorting out the website.

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