[Padre-dev] Padre Bugs and Suggestions

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Tue May 12 03:41:45 PDT 2009

Hi Barbie,

thanks for your detailed feedback.

I am forwarding this mail to the padre-dev mailing list so the others will
also see it and will be able to deal with some of the issues you raised.

If you have some time it would be nice if you could join that mailing list.
Even though actually most of the discussion is on IRC on the #padre
channel but I guess responses to this message will come on the mailing

In order to make it easier to respond issue-by-issue I copied inline the
mail the text of the file you attached.


On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 12:16 PM, Barbie <barbie at missbarbell.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi Gabor,
> I've been having a quick look at Padre, as I've just started a new job
> and in a position to try a fresh install. Attached are my notes of my
> initial experience. Note that this is a user experience rather than
> trying to understand whats going on under the hood.
> I know I could have submitted each as a separate bug report, but when
> clicking the view bugs from search.cpan.org it drops me at the homepage,
> with no immediately obvious link to see/enter bugs. As such I thought my
> notes would be better sifted through by yourself to decide whether they
> were worth considering or dismissing.
> Maybe in the future I might help out on development, but for the moment
> I have far too much on my plate, and don't want to spread myself too
> thinly.
> Cheers,
> Barbie.

Problems with Padre

I've recently started a new job, so have the opportunity to have a
fresh install of an OS. This happens to be CentOS 5. Unfortunately the
install didn't go well and a number of issues can be highlighted. I
was trying to install Padre-0.34, which eventually I did get working,
but not without some trouble getting it installed.

1) The packaged rpms for perl-Wx and wxGTK are too low for the Makefile of
Padre from CPAN, but did eventually install. perl-Alien-wxWidgets failed to
install from source, but seems to have passed!

2) installing Padre from cpan gets a "libwx_gtk2u_aui-2.8.so: Cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory" error, but no mention of what
file or directory that is at fault. When running padre, get this message twice
before the GUI starts up :(

The wxGTK looks to be a problem with perl-Wx, as both version 0.89 and 0.90
both report this error :( The oldest rpm version available is 0.86. As such
some of the crashes experienced maybe due to some incompatibility. However,
these are mentioned for completeness.

* opening a file with the replace popup previously open crashes Padre
* crashing for no apparent reason

Note that having the popup open didn't always crash Padre, but it looks like
there may be an issue with multiple tabs/popups. Although it has also crashed
when trying to edit a single text file.

The following are mostly wishlist items, but some are perhaps essential fixes,
as without the ability to perform some of these functions, Padre is currently
a sub-standard equivilent to my regular editor of choice (EditPlus).

I should also note that all of these are from the perspective of a user, NOT a
Padre developer. At the moment, I don't have the time to work on Padre
development, otherwise I would take the time to submit patches for many of
these. However, I think acting as a user may have a benefit to the
development, as the developers themselves can easily focus on what works for
them, and forget that you have a target audience for this editor.

Potential bugs:

* saveall doesn't update tabs (ie asterisk still there until you click tab)
* cut-n-paste doesn't appear to work if you select text to replace, just does
  a delete, and wipes the contents of the copy-clipboard. On further
  investigation, once you select any text, the copy-clipboard is deleted.
* Debug information is being printed to the output pane! This should never
  happen unless explicitily asked for.
* What is 'Open Selection' if it doesn't allow you to open multiple files based
  on a regex match (eg '*.pm')? Is this poorly named or a bug?
* Replace on Regex doesn't allow empty string (auto selects from the first
  entry in the dropdown).
* Replace on regex does not list previous regex finds in drop down
* On Find/Replace popup, two 'Replace' buttons appear. The second should be
  'Replace All'. Also Cancel button has red cross directly over the 'C', there
  should be a space at least between them.
* Regex Replace treats "\n" as two separate characters not the newline
  character (or combination as appropriate).
* When viewing the DocBrowser or the right side pane in the Plugin Manager,
  any POD appears as a long continuous text string. I assume this should be
  formatted as per normal POD directives.

Missing functionality:

* User can't add elements to toolbar menu
* Common elements missing from toolbar (closeall, saveall)
* No 'replace all' available that acts on ALL open files
* When opening a file, no ability to filter on filetype. A large directory of
  files with no filtering means endless scrolling :(
* I first thought there was no 'Find in Files' functionality, but after
  several days, accidentally discovered 'Ack Search'. Rename to 'Find in
  Files' and move further up Search menu list. Hip Perl dudes may know what
  'Ack Search' is, but I suspect over 90% of your target audience don't.
* Buttons in several popup dialogs are fixed width, thus cutting off long text
  labels. Either shorten labels or make buttons wider.
* No ability to change shortcuts. I am used to ^H being what is ^R in Padre,
  and it would be useful to change these around to suit the user.


* NewFile and OpenFile icons different from File dropdown.
* Find/Replace opens the same popup, they should be different, otherwise what
  is the point of 2 separate key-shortcuts that do the same thing?
* Name of the application is 'Padre' not 'Padre 0.34', etc. Save the version
  for the about screen. It looks messy otherwise.
* What is the green ampersand? It looks like someones favourite tool, that
  no-one has any idea what it is. By default only commonly used tools, as used
  by everyone, should be listed.
* On startup "No output" is written to the Output pane. I haven't run a
  command, so this should be blank. Having it there is confusing, as you have
  to wonder whether you have something running in the background.
* When running a command why cannot output be captured in the Output pane?
  Would prefer this to be an default option based on file type. I.e. if a *.pl
  script always capture output, don't popup dialog box at all.

After installing Padre-0.34, I did an update to Padre-0.35. Although oddly the
install via cpan seemed to fail, due to Wx not installing. However, the label
on the top of the editor now states Padre-0.35. If you are updating configs
and installing anything before all tests have successfully passed, this would
be a very bad thing. You may want to investigate this further.

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