[Padre-dev] Padre release plans

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 00:26:30 PDT 2009

While Garu is asleep let me hijack his job and tell you about the release plans:

1) Withing the next 24 hours or so Garu is going to release 0.44
2) Then he will create a branch based on that release to be 0.45
3a) The translators will have a few days to catch up with the
translation *on the branch*
    as grau will explain later
3b) Critical fixes of 0.44 will go directly in the 0.45 branch
4) about 5 days later garu will release 0.45 and CSJewell will build
Almost-Six-0.45 from it

5) In the meantime people can keep working on trunk without
interfering with the stabilization process.
6) After the release of 0.44 Ryan52 will take over the release process
of trunk from Garu and once 0.45 is out
   he will merge back all the changes from the 0.45 to trunk and then
he can start his monthly assignment
   as release manager.

Of course if any of the translators wants to rush his or her
translation already into 0.44 we will be happy.

Thank you to all of you, especially Garu who made the weekly releases
of Padre in the last month and
Ryan52 who volunteered to do so in the next month till the next
stabilized release.


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