[Padre-dev] free and commercial support for Padre

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 10:58:02 PDT 2009


I have just added a new page to our web site called support.html describing the
free support channels of Padre.
I hope someone with better English will go over the text and correct it.

In addition I am going to offer commercial services for Padre for two reasons:

1) I'd like to make some money if some company is interested in buying
such service
2) Sometimes when considering Perl or some Perl related technology
    companies ask me  if there is commercial support for this. Even if
they don't buy
    the service the fact that there is a clear way how to buy such
service might make them
    consider to use the technology.

As Padre is open source and a community project anyone can offer such
service and
I'd like to ask you, if you are interested in providing such service,
let's talk how can
we offer it in the best way.

Until someone else also wants to offer commercial support I'll add
something like this
to the support pages:

Commercial Services

Commercial services for Padre is available by Gabor Szabo, the lead
developer of Padre.
Service options include priority e-mail support, custom integration
and custom development of features.
For more details go to http://szabgab.com/padre.html

What do you think?


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