[Padre-dev] Once a month "major" release ?

breno breno at rio.pm.org
Wed Aug 5 10:35:03 PDT 2009

How will users know the difference between minor and major releases?
We'll number them differently? If it's just a convention, like
"third/last release of the month", "the release after rakudo", then I
think users might get confused about it, no? Maybe switching to
three-dotted versioning?



On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 6:24 AM, Gabor Szabo<szabgab at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> on YAPC::EU I met I think 4 or 5 people who are already Padre developers.
> It was great seeing them.
> I talked a bit with each one of them. There were several ideas
> bounced, one of them was to
> make the translation effort less continuous. So while every translator
> can decide for himself
> if he wants to keep the translation always up to date or not, we will
> not bug them so much.
> I thought this can fit in a slightly new release process for the next
> 6 months or so.
> We keep the semi-regular weekly releases but once a month have a larger release.
> What can be special about this "major" release?
> 1) Longer time to spend on the release branch,
>    we could even have one of the smaller release and base the bigger
> one right on the smaller release.
>    So for example we have 43, 44, 45 smaller releses
>    Then based on 45 we create a release branch for 46.
>    We give the translators a few days to catch up on this branch.
> That time will also allow
>    people to give feedback on 45 so we can fix really critical issues
> on the 46 branch.
> 2) This release could be scheduled just a few days after Rakudo is released
> 3) Once it is done and if Curtis agrees to do it we could have several
> packages for windows:
>    1) Almost Six that can be c:\strawberry for a while (msi. zip)
>    2) Portable Strawberry + Padre + growing number of plugins (msi,
> zip) (no Perl 6)
> That would mean we have these bigger, more stable and better
> translated releases by ~ 25th of every month.
> Comment ?
> Gabor
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