[Padre-dev] Once a month "major" release ?

Curtis Jewell lists.perl.padre-dev at csjewell.fastmail.us
Wed Aug 5 07:50:03 PDT 2009

> 3) Once it is done and if Curtis agrees to do it we could have several
> packages for windows:
>     1) Almost Six that can be c:\strawberry for a while (msi. zip)
>     2) Portable Strawberry + Padre + growing number of plugins (msi,
> zip) (no Perl 6)

Considering how long the builds take... Once a month is *fine*.  Might
get delayed during Strawberry release months (next one is October),
depending on what's happening, and might be a little slower for August
and September, due to the need to use the laptop to do the building,
rather than a new, fast, desktop.


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