[Padre-dev] Translations - the next steps

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 03:26:29 PST 2008

When translating Padre I can think about several levels,
not necessarily in any order.

1) Core Padre GUI.
2) GUI of individual Plugins
3) Padre Help
4) Perl help

1) Core Padre GUI
The most basic level is translating the core GUI.
The share/locale/messages.pot file currently has 223 strings.
It might grow to 500 but it is still a relatively low number.

We still have to clean up the way the language is selected
and how it is being switched
We should also have a document describing the process one should
follow when translating and more importantly when updating a translation.
- how to update messages.pot ?
- how to indicate the level of 'up-to date-ness'  in each translation file is?
- how to find out what has been changed or what is still missing from the
  translation file?

2) GUI of individual Plugins.
While the core Padre developers don't have to do this we are - at
least for now -
also the main plugin developers. In any case we should write a document
on how to translate plugins and we should provide the API for the translation.

3) Padre Help
Even the English version of the user documentation is lacking lots
of information so we should work on that too but we should also define a way
how to allow translation of the documents to other languages.

4) Perl help
While at some point we might move the whole Perl 5 support out to be a plugin
I'd like to devote a large effort to make it more user friendly

After all one of my objectives with Padre is to make Perl more accessible
to beginners.

Part of this is making the Perl documentation and error messages more
beginner friendly.
I don't want to try to change the core documentation for at least three reasons.
1) It is much more difficult to do
2) even if we did it has a very long cycle thill it gets to the users.
3) It is still only in English

It includes the creation of call-tips that are easier to understand without
being already familiar with C or Unix.
It includes providing perl documentation that is simpler to understand.
It also includes making some of this available in other (human) languages.
It also includes having a better (or just translated) explanation of the
warnings and error messages.

We already have the call-tips (View/Show Call Tips) that are fetched from
We need a way to have translated versions of that file in various languages.

Of course in the end most of this last part - the Perl help part - should not
be Padre specific so we should make it in a way that can be later moved
out from the Padre package and reused by other tools.

Your input is highly appreciated.


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