[Padre-dev] trip to Haifa and IRC backlog

Kaare Rasmussen kaare at jasonic.dk
Thu Nov 20 00:54:56 PST 2008


Both Notepad++ and UltraEdit are very mature projects. NotePad++ is 5 years 
old and in release 5.1.1, UltraEdit is almost 15 years old, release 14.20. 

Padre is < 6 months old and the version is 0.17. 

Of course there is a difference, I'm just amazed how far Padre has come and 
that it is already useful. Of course there are a lot of features you'd want 
as a user. Let's see in another year, if Perl people can keep up the steam. 

The thing about both Notepad++ and UltraEdit is that they're Windows only. 
That's a showstopper right there for me. 

And no, I don't want to run my development environment through some kind of 
emulation layer. 

> Hi,
> I was in Haifa today (some 140 km away) and gave a talk about
> Padre to the local Perl Mongers, about 10-12 of them. It went well but as
> usual it is a bit of a reality check. 
> While we are (or let me say I am) enthusiastic about how well Padre does
> it is still mostly just an editor which is way behind the capabilities of
> Notepad++ or UltraEdit. 
> I think the only real special thing I could point at is the "Match
> missing brace"
> and of course the capability to write plug-ins. 
> For the former: We need more of those special powers.
> For the latter: we need some good documentation and examples on what
> one might want to write. 
> On the way to Haifa I stopped at the "offices" of Crictor
> a local start-up doing some tech oriented videos and I talked about
> Padre and Parrot in two separate shots.
> The screen it http://www.crictor.co.il/ and here
> http://www.youtube.com/CrictorNews but AFAIK everything is in Hebrew
> so not all of you will understand it. 
> Some answers to the chit-chat on IRC as logged here:
> ( http://irclog.foorumbbs.com/padre_20081119.log.html ) 
> 6:13 MY.pm -> My.pm sure it is ok with me 
> 6:24 Padre::Document::Python - I hope we will be able to write it in Python
>    (or rather let anyone write it in Python if he wants it) and run it
> on Parrot.
> In general though I think that would be Padre::Document::SomeDSLRunningOnParrot
> that might subclass the Padre::Document::Parrot. 
> 06:43 Find dialog - IMHO we will need both. The small Firefoxis
> probably will not give you all
> the options you want from the big dialog-boxis search. What do you think? 
> The Plugin Manager is not THAT broken. You just have to restart Padre
> to get the effect of Enable/Disable
> or at least it was that way when I left in the morning :-) 
> 12:17 my gut feeling is that we should go with POE, though as I said I
> don't have experience with either threads
> or POE. I assume that POE itself uses fork (or forkish threads on Windows). 
> Gabor
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